Swisston is a leading manufacturer of high-quality plywood for construction sites and projects. The plywood manufacturer has been facing a lack of durable products for a quite long time. Swisston introduced 100% Gurjan Marine Grade plywood for markets in Kerala.

Our wood, sourced from the rainforest, is strong and sturdy yet light enough to be easily transported. Swisston plywood manufacturer is committed to sustainable production methods and preserving rainforests by sourcing wood from responsibly managed forests. Swisston also manufactures other hardwoods that may interest you such as toughened glass and soundproof glass for your home or office space.

Gurjan Plywood Manufacturer Kerala

Swisston is a leading manufacturer of plywood and glass products for the furniture and flooring industries. We have grown into one of the world’s largest suppliers of imported softwood plywood and toughened and soundproof glass products.

With a range of manufacturing space under the roof at our huge facility in Kerala, Swisston can provide high-quality products at competitive prices to meet customer needs. Our vast supply network enables us to ship goods anywhere in Kerala and the surrounding states in India.

Best Plywood Manufacturer in Kerala

Plywood is one of the most important components in the construction of many different types of buildings. The quality and type of plywood used to construct a building can have a direct effect on how well it’s able to weather harsher conditions. Plywood also plays a major role in providing safety from fire, airborne debris, and other natural disasters or manmade accidents. With all these variables at play, it is very important for someone or some company to make high-quality plywood sheets that are stable, strong, and capable of withstanding anything brave enough to challenge them.

Swisston realizes the responsibility posed by the market requirements and that’s why every plywood sheet manufactured in our plant is tested for 72-hour waterproofing. Here are a few salient features of our plywood manufacturing business in Kerala:

  • 100% Gurjan ply
  • Advanced Swiss binding technology
  • Phenol resin-bonded for moisture resistance
  • 25 years lifetime warranty of Swisston plywood
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing plants

Premium Quality Plywood Manufacturing

Plywood is the most widely used sheet material in construction and is primarily made from two or more thin layers of wood glued together with an adhesive. Plywood can be selected by a specific weight, thickness, width, length, or other property of the individual sheets.

In Kerala, plywood sheets are cut at various thicknesses and then stacked to form larger panels. This type of plywood paneling is often referred to as wall paneling and is commonly found in homes for its structural strength. Certain specialty plywood may also be used for purposes such as making furniture components such as bookcases or cabinets because they have less impact on the wood’s durability than regular lumber where extreme forces are applied perpendicular to the face grain.

Experience the Premium Quality Materials for your Projects

Whether you need plywood manufacturing assistance with toughened glass supplies, Swisston is going to be your next partner. We believe in offering top-class products and services for our clients.